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Review:God has a Dream for Your Life

October 20, 2010

How many times have you seen or read The Wizard of Oz?  I’ve seen the movie on several occasions, thanks to my little sister.  When we were children, it was her favorite movie so we watched it a dozen times or more.  Up until now I thought that this movie was just like a typical Disney movie but God has a Dream for Your Life by Sheila Walsh, changed my mind!

Walsh, eloquently correlates  this children’s story (The Wizard of Oz) with Bible verses.  She uses what seems to be simple “scenes or acts” and turns each part into pivotal moments.  The delivery in Walsh’s book is so exceptional that I honestly believe the writer of The Wizard of Oz was subconsciously inspired by The Bible.

This book will restore hope, motivate you to persevere, and assure you of God’s love.   Although this was the first time that I ever read a book by Walsh, I would highly recommend reading any of her books (that’s how great this book is).  Did I mention that I love this book?! Heck, it made me love Jesus even more so go get it!!

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