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Review: When a Woman Meets Jesus

September 7, 2010

When a Woman Meets Jesus by Dorothy Valcárcel is an excellent book that helps define the lives of women from scriptures that can be applied to modern situations.  She takes over fifteen women and gives us the opportunity to see these women in a different more personal light.  These women (coming from various books in the bible), may have only had a few lines of scripture but the author elaborates on them which allowed me the chance to identify with several of these women (to read further on a woman I related to Click Here).   From the flawed to the empty woman, the rejected to the unfulfilled woman, the stressed to the misunderstood woman, and the ambitious to the transformed woman, Dorothy hits just about every topic most women have faced.

At first, I was a skeptic of how she took so much from such short verses.  As I read further and was able to relate, I understood why these women were portrayed in such a way.  This book lets us into many women’s lives with the intent of deepening our understanding of our incomparable father, Jesus.  I must say, “Job well done.”

Click the banner below to view Dorothy Valcárcel’s website!

When a Woman Meets Jesus - A book about women in the Bible and their walk with Jesus by Dorothy Valcarcel.

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